We are so excited to welcome Chrislyn Simpson-Kane, the youngest female to ever surf Jaws, to our team here at Sisstr. Her bravery and love for surfing is infectious - we can't wait for the adventures ahead! Meet Chrislyn below: 
Age: ​14
Hometown: ​Kuau, Maui, Hawaii
Goofy or Regular? Goofy
Surfboard of Choice: My 5'6" Jud Lau Excalibur for shortboarding, 9'0" Jud Lau Big Wave Gun for Peahi, and 9'4" Manuela Shapes for Longboarding. 
How would you describe your style of surfing? ​
I would describe my style of surfing as soulful, smooth and strong. 
Can you describe your relationship with the ocean? 
​The ocean has always been a part of my life. My family has lived in Kuau for almost 100 years just steps from the water. The ocean is not just a place for surfing for my Ohana, we also gather food for our family to eat and we go to the ocean when we need to rejuvenate our soul and spirit.   
What’s your favorite Sisstr style to surf in? ​
Right now, my favorite suit is the Island Aura one piece.
Describe the best wave you’ve had thus far: 
​The best wave I've had thus far has to be, my wave out at Pe'ahi. The wave was very big and the water was the prettiest blue. Once the sun hit the wave, the wave lit up and gave me absolute chills. Andrea asked me if I was ready and we headed out to the lineup timing the approaching set. The wave began to accelerate and I knew it was time to let go of the rope. The wave hit the reef perfectly and stood up giving me the open face where I was able to do a turn. There were a little bit of chops but I was able to override them and stay on my feet. That would have to be my best wave I've had thus far. 
Describe your gnarliest wipeout:
 ​I have had some pretty gnarly wipeouts in my 10 years of surfing but the gnarliest one was at Honolua Bay. This wipeout took place last winter and I would say that it was the biggest Honolua Bay I have seen all winter. I was lucky enough to have got a pretty decent set and as I was making my way down the line to the inside. Suddenly, I hit an unexpected chop and I end up falling and getting sucked over the falls. It felt like I was held under forever. I came up for a breath and had to go back under because there were more waves coming. I got worked hahaha. Definitely one of my worst wipeout moments. ​
What type of training do you typically do for your specific style of surfing?  
​My workout routine consists of two days a week at the gym training with Samantha Campell at Deep2Peak, weekly surf training with Jud Lau, and big wave training with Andrea Moller and my brother Ty.
What advice would you give to those looking to get into the water for the first time? ​
My advice for those who are getting into the water for the first time would be to make sure the ocean is in the right conditions for you and that you feel comfortable. Ask a lifeguard on their thoughts for entering the ocean. Surfing is going to seem a bit hard at first but it gets easier. Remember to push your limits only to a place where you aren't hurting yourself or others. Always work on being a better you today than you were yesterday, and a better you tomorrow than you were today. Don't forget to always HAVE FUN!!!!