Mariana Valencia's relationship with the ocean and surfing, we’d say is a fierce one.
She competes and surfs everywhere from Baja to San Diego and defends the coastline and ocean health loudly.

Outside competition she surfs regularly at San Miguel and Tres Emes, Baja California, Mexico.

“I was interviewed by the local tv because we were defending our local beach Tres Emes from a pipeline in the canal. Tres Emes is where most of the team from Baja California trains.” –Mariana Valencia, 15 year old local surfer

Welcome Mariana to our band of Sisstrs.

Quick Q&A with Mariana with photos shot at San Miguel by Jesús García.

Q: When did you start competing?
A: My dad took me to my first contest when I was 8, it was a local surf tournament in Ensenada and I loved it. Then I was invited by United Athletes of the Pacific Ocean (UAPO) to participate in the Menehune Contest & Windansea Invitational Contest in La Jolla, San Diego.

Q: What do you love the most about surfing?
A: The connection with nature and the adrenaline. The possibility of discovering new places.

Q: What are your thoughts or concerns on Ocean pollution and ocean health? 
A: I think that even though ocean pollution is a well-known topic, there is so much we still need to learn and do about it. My dad is an oceanographer and my mom works with Save The Waves, through them I have learned a lot. I love to participate in activities regarding the protection of our surf breaks here in Bahía de Todos Santos, such as beach cleanups and environmental awareness campaigns. My main concerns are industries throwing chemicals in the ocean, companies selling the coastline, plastics on the ocean and the beaches and much more.
Q: What are you most proud of so far in your young surfing journey? 
A: Having the opportunity to go to the Junior ISA Surfing Championships.
Q: What does the ocean mean to you or give you? 
A: Home, a place where nothing matters except yourself and nature.
Q: Where will you be surfing this winter? 
A: Ensenada, my hometown.