Hi Tiki, So stoked to catch up with you! We just wanted to ask you some questions about what makes you, you!

What does your average day look like?
Usually I wake up, I get down to the beach and surf all day with my friends, come home with my family and go to bed.

What inspired you to start surfing? 
My dad definitely inspired me because he is a Waikiki Beach boy so it was kind of in my blood from the start! Surfing had definitely been a big bond between us that can never really go away!

What do you think would be your super power?
Flying would definitely be one of my superpowers so that way I can go anywhere at anytime, to any destination!

How do you turn a bad day around?
You go get some ice cream! What else are you supposed to do?!

How has growing up surfing a world-famous and historic break like Queens affected your surfing?
When you surf in a well-known break all your life you hear stories after stories of the legends like Duke Kahanamoku! my confidence from early age has affected my surfing at Queens tremendously because of those stories, this makes me proud to be Hawaiian!

Biggest pet peeve in the water?
My biggest pet peeve is when tourists drop in on you! Oof it can be such a frustrating thing in the water especially if it’s a really good wave!

How do you navigate through big crowds like at your home break, Queens? It’s definitely a challenge navigating through Queens break but it’s not exactly impossible. But I feel like I’ve had a lot of practice over the years navigating through all the crowds!

What's your dream travel destination?
My absolute dream destination would have to be Africa I’ve always wanted to go there! But I’ve also wanted to go to Noosa and Kelly Slater‘s wave pool, those two wouldn’t be too far behind as a dream destination!

What's your favorite destination that you've traveled to?
I’ve been to California a lot and over there I love to go to Malibu! The people are cool, and when the surf is up it’s a fun wave! 

What are the essentials that you pack for a day at the beach? Sunscreen, a big warm fluffy towel, and a pair of sunglasses because we all know how bright the sun can get! And you should always pack an extra bathing suit and pair of clothes for afterwards!

What's your favorite song right now? Ahhh there’s so many how how do you even choose?! I guess I would have to choose ‘Never enough’ by Cimorelli and James Charles!

Do you have any pre-surf rituals?
I only usually have rituals during competitions, I don’t have rituals when I free surf though. But during competitions I would listen to music that will pump me up before my heat and get the blood flowing!

What's your favorite thing to do after getting surfed out, and sunburnt?
Get home, take a nice cold shower, and if there is ice cream I’ll grab that and pop up that Netflix!

What is your favorite thing about your home break?
The family I have there. in Waikiki all my friends who I grew up with basically turn into your family and everyone who you’ve known for so long it becomes your family!

Do you have any tips for anyone just learning to surf?
Get a lesson from a professional so you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else around you. And while you’re surfing please, please, please don’t drop in on any of the locals ha ha Ha!!

What is your favorite non-surfing activity to do? 
I like skateboarding on my carver in the streets of Waikiki, or just go to the movies with friends.

How would growing up somewhere land-locked have affected your life?
What do you think you'd be doing instead? I love acting and that too is a passion of mine as well, that is something I would do if I was landlocked!

Favorite things about the surfing community?
Things I like about the community is it’s so big and you feel special to be a part of it, and you can meet new people that have common interests.