Catching Up with Lakey Peterson

To say that we’re stoked to see Lakey recovered and back on tour this year would be a massive understatement. As the WSL kicked off the 2022 Season at Pipeline, we were ecstatic to cheer on Lakey and all of the women during a historic event showcasing a special moment in women's surfing. After the Hawaii leg, we caught up with Lakey for a quick chat before the Portugal event kicks off.
Congrats on a great result at Pipe! How did it feel to compete and place 3rd at the first ever full women’s CT women event at Pipeline? Thank you! It was incredible to have the opportunity to compete at Pipe. It was by far the most challenging event I have ever done and took so much for my focus and commitment. Because of that it was so rewarding to have a good result there and also just so much fun to get a few good waves while in a jersey. 

What is one moment from the event that stuck with you the most? For me it was in my second heat when I got my 7.8. It was just such a rewarding feeling and the most fun I have had competing in a really long time. I think after my injury last year it was just a moment that felt like all my hard work paid off. 
What is one piece of advice you would share with other women who aspire to surf Pipeline or even just waves of consequence in general? I think going out there with an open mind. Surfing Pipeline requires time and experience and that goes for any big waves of consequence... So I think just always paddle out with the mindset that you are there to learn and if that means not catching a wave that's okay as long as you learned something about the line up or how to position yourself perhaps. It's about staying positive and being confident through the good and bad surfs out there.

How does it feel to be recovered and back on tour? It feels incredible to be healthy and back competing again! Last year taught me a lot just going through the injury and having to be patient. All of the hard work was so worth it and I really feel like I have such a good fresh perspective this year.

What is your game plan & goals for this season? Winning a world title is always the goal. But there are a lot of mini goals to get to that big one. So for me this year is about just becoming the best surfer that I can be and having the best and most positive and confident headspace I can have all year long. I really believe if I can do that, things will fall into place as they should. Winning 2 events is a goal and getting a good wave at Pipe or backdoor was a goal also. So I am stoked to cross that Pipe wave off of this list ;)
What is one thing or event you are looking forward to most on tour this year? I am really looking forward to getting back to JBay this year. It's my favorite stop on tour and I have some of my closest friends there. I love that wave so much and also just the culture of South Africa is incredible.
Photography by Noah McPhereson, Tony Heff & WSL, Sean Lesh.